Saturday, February 19, 2011

saya diterjah oleh cik nadia anuar

instruction : once you are tagged, answer the question honestly. No lying or cheating ok ?  

starting time : 8.27 P.M
name :nor farhana nabila bt yusoff.. fuhhh panjang2
brother(s) : none
eye colour : black (melayu tulen nih)
shoe size : 7 or 8 (panjang gilak )
hair : black for sure
piercing : yes
height : 164 cm i think. 
what are you wearing right now : pajamas
where do u live : sungkai,perak. cowboy town
favourite number : i dunno la. i haven't la!
favourite drink : kiwi juice
favourite month : oct
favourite breakfast : nasi lemak. sorry, perut melayu ok!


broken a bone : tidakkkkk
been in a police car : tidak and tak nak
fallen for a friend : apakah?? hey friend is friend
fallen for a guy / girl for a short time : nope
swam in the ocean : like it very much
broken someone's heart : not sure
cried when someone's died : ofcourse
sat by the phone all night waiting for someone call : no
saved e-mail : nope   
been cheated : sape yg xpernah maknanya dia bukan human being lah


your room look a like : messy
what is right beside you : lots of things
what is the last thing you ate : kfc donat fish combo . love it! oppss its mcd tagline


the last person you tell : kak tira. i said "kakak degree yg garang"
who was the last person you danced with : dance??? no no no
who last made you smile : mereka mereka mereka


what are you listening right now : insyaallah version bahasa from my rumet punya laptop lah
what did you do today : jln2 kat kangar
are you the oldest: lucky number two
indoors or outdoors : outdoors! 


talk to someone you like : i like my friend, so yeah!
kiss someone : what? nooo.
sing : belum lagi, not today kot. 
talk to an ex : nope, and i don't think it will happen.
miss someone : yeah, shhhh.
eat : dah2. petang tadi.


you talked on the phone to : mak
made u cry : mak. she said "mak rindu la nk dgr suara agh. mak busy sekarang nih. sorry"
you went to the mall with : kuma n capik. baru je balik nih
who cheered you up : mereka semua

have a crush on someone : zaman jahiliah dulu pernah la
what books are you reading right now : kat u nih , ijust read blog je la. kalau kat rumah, i spend my time on hlavate's novel.
best feeling in the world : dihargai dan disayangi
future kids name : fore sure it is classic name lah. if and only if hubby bagi la :p
do you sleep with stuffed animal : no no no. even cat cause gelila kene bulu2 dia
what's under your bed : roomate! it's a double-decker bed.
favourite sport : outdoor game la. but not specified
favourite place : home sweet home
do you have a job : xdak!
what time is it now : 8.47P.M

with however long it took you to complete this,
post as "my 30 minutes survey" and tag 15 people...

i tagging all of you! hurry up. be honest! lets me to know you!